Ginger was a regal, beautiful cat, large in every way. A Maine Coon mix with an orange coat—rare for a female cat, at one time she weighed 22 lbs. In spite of weight-related health problems, she had a strong spirit, and lived a long, active life for over 19 years. She recovered multiple times from near-death illnesses. A formidable presence, and a feisty temper, by the time she reached her senior years, Ginger refused examinations by veterinarians, and few were brave enough to even try.

However, Ginger had developed chronic kidney disease and advanced arthritis. She needed regular checkups and medications. In-home veterinary visits were the least stressful solution, though considerably more expensive than veterinary hospital visits.

In spite of excellent care, the inevitable progress of her kidney disease led to the need for subcutaneous fluids, and she also received injections intended to help relieve her arthritis. Unfortunately, after one particular treatment a few months ago, she had a seizure. Yet in true Ginger fashion, she even bounced back from that.

While the treatments helped for a few months, dehydration, digestive issues, and lack of appetite became consistent problems. Ginger had reached a healthy weight of about 12 lbs a few years ago, but by June of 2019 her weight had decreased sharply, to about 6 lbs.

In her final months, Ginger still had brightness in her eyes. She enjoyed pets and scratches on the top of her head. She loved to be outside in the sun, and spent many hours lounging on patio furniture. She became more affectionate in her old age, seeking out our laps, and even climbing up to sit on our chests in bed at night. However, she spent her time sleeping more than before, and only showed interest in finding a comfortable way to rest, without any other activity.

On June 11th, 2019, to relieve her suffering and spare her from experiencing further decline, Ginger was allowed to finally rest. In a sunny yellow room in our home, she laid on a blanket on our laps, resting her chin on Robert’s arm, and her paw resting in Courtney’s hand. Her passing was very peaceful. Her body was cremated so her ashes could remain where she belongs, at home with us.

We’re grateful that we were able spend Ginger’s last moments with her and say goodbye. We feel fortunate that she went peacefully and comfortably in her own home.

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